Sunday, 14 December 2008

Bird Pencil Drawings

Argh, didn't manage to maintain this very much after my first entry! Last two weeks of term were hectic, apparently essays don't write themselves. But now I'm on holidays until mid January, so I have plenty of time to draw again! Unfortunately I haven't had much time to draw recently, so I'm mostly going to offer old drawings. I'm going for something different than the last post, I'm including some pencil drawings. They are fairly old, but I still like them somewhat. I'll go in chronological order.

I did this for GCSE Art, so I was about 15/16 years old (God that was a while ago now!). I remember it taking me a fair while to do, possibly a few hours a day for a week. It was those blasted feathers! I can't remember why, but my art teacher basically handed out some lithographs and lino prints for us to trascribe, and I picked this one. It was a beautiful lithograph, I hardly think I did it justice. But I did the whole thing with just an HB pencil, which I was proud of.

This is a pencil drawing I did of a willow warbler in Year 12, I think I had just turned 17. I took Art up to AS-level and then dropped it. Can't remember the reasoning behind drawing this now, I just remember that the details took FOREVER. For some reason I didn't scan it in at a very high resolution, might try and find it and rescan it. Anyways, I would like to do some more pencil drawings, but I don't have my scanner with me. I'm going to get to drawing some new things this week, and maybe I'll put up a few more new entries!


  1. can you teach us how you drew these pictures?

  2. can you tell us how you drew the pictures?