Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Amazing First Entry

Hello everyone, it's time for the grand opening of my blog, or whatever you do with these things. This is really more of an art journal/diary, rather than some kind of witty and informative web log, but I'll try to somehow make it entertaining. Well, I won't, but it sounds good if I say I will. Maybe I should put a little introduction. I'm a marine biology student who also happens to enjoy drawing stuff. A lot of it is aquatic themed (for reasons that I hope are obvious), some of it is inspired by my day's events. All of it is doodles, sketches and quick paintings that I do when I need a break from writing up my dissertation.

So for this, my first entry, I have four things to show. They are all messy speed paintings that I did on the computer, and only one of them was done today. You would have thought that for my first post I would have done something amazing. Well, I've been busy.

Remember to click on the picture to see it in its full size!!

First is the painting I did today. Would you have guessed it, it's a painting of a fish. A member of Pomacentridae, the Emperor Angelfish. I saw a few big ones when I was diving in Indonesia this March/April, and they're fairly impressive looking. Gorgeous fishies. I was writing an essay and decided I needed a break, and I felt like painting something pretty.

This one was quite a large painting, if I'm bored I just open up a really large blank canvas and see what happens. I like to occasionally paint things in one colour, and for this I guess I chose purple. I was listening to a song that made me want to draw this called Alchemy Alice. I have no idea why she's so god damn miserable. Cheer up woman.

Drew this one several months ago, fancied something in black and white. I just wanted some practise at drawing profiles if I recall, I don't really like it anymore though. I don't know that I ever did to be fair, but I guess it's something. God he's miserable too. Although I was listening to Damien Rice when drawing this so that's my excuse.

This one is more of a sketch than anything else. I can't remember why I drew it now, I'm sure there was a reason behind it. Oh well, it can't have been that important. Either way, I still kinda like the design and the colour scheme, I might try and make something of it over the Christmas holidays when I have the time.

And there you have it, my first entry as a blogger. I feel so accomplished! I'll try to post things every week. It will be good for me because it will keep me drawing and practising. In the meantime, enjoy and see you later!


  1. Wicked :D Purple Lady is my favorite! xxxx

  2. Dude you are so amazing, Ive always loved your art work & now the whole world can see how amazing you are!!! Love you my amazingly talented, gorgeously gorgeous flat mate!!! xxx

  3. Aww, thanks you two :) Purple lady seems popular, might do more little paintings like that.
    And Laura, I am so sexing you up later. Sorry Ben.

  4. I love all of your paintings, especially the fish!!! I really like the syle of your purple lady too